How to be less of a mosquito-magnet

I have confirmed from doing internet research (recommended articles) that what I suspected is true:  I am a mosquito magnet.

While I cannot or do not want to change these factors, I can make small choices to decrease the chance of getting mosquito bites.  Examples are:

  1. Avoiding skincare products that include lactic acid and urea (which are commonly used for ‘sensitive skin’).  These are metabolic waste compounds that are naturally found in sweat (and in urine).
  2. Using a skin-cleansing deodorant spray before going outside or after sweating.  I use a homemade fennel ethanol tincture.  Based on my knowledge and research, this helps in a few ways:
  3. Drinking non-carbonated drinks when outdoors.  Carbon dioxide is a mosquito-attractant.  Lemonade is a hydrating, electrolyte-replenishing, bug-repelling (if freshly squeezed or infused with certain herbs) refreshment.
  4. Burying my scent in those of mosquito-repelling plants.  [my post on mosquito-repelling bouquets]
  5. Suggestions are welcome!  I’m always looking for creative ways to make daily life easier.